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In the crowd of numerous domain names getting the appropriate and most accurate domain seems a daunting task. The content of the site must be clearly explained by a short and precise name for the website. With the brand recognition becoming important, the name in the domain name of the site enhances the possibilities.

Now some would ask what a domain name is and how to get a domain name? The answer can be explained by the example that “” is the domain name of this particular site. One or more IP addresses are identified and nominated by domain name and one can very easily get hold of one for their website at very economical rates. Domain names with specific suffixes denote the top level domain it belongs to eg. .com, .net, .org, .biz etc.  The .in domain is available for registration all over the world while .gov and .mil cannot be used unless the site is for a government agency or related to the military.

The right to the website is depicted by the domain name and it cannot be used by anybody else once the domain registration is done in your name. You can also avail the services of free domain names for websites which provide redirection in case the website is being hosted at another location. Basic domain name hosting is provided with PHP support, privacy protection, theft protection, DNS (domain name service) and one free email account.

Domain or the hostname sets apart your distinctiveness on the internet and you can visit our domain registration website to get a unique domain name registered for your site. Businesses based in Delhi, NOIDA, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and other Delhi NCR areas are getting their online presence marked by registering domain names with us. It gets you noticed on the net instantly making the purpose successful. So go ahead and buy the most recognizable, distinct and suitable domain name for your website at a very reasonable cost.


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